SenchaCon 2010, 14. -17. November, San Francisco

Die Sencha Conference 2010 fand dieses Jahr vom 14. - 17. November in San Francisco statt. Neben vielen technischen Vorträgen und interessanten Workshops gab es einen Ausblick auf Ext JS 4 und die offizielle Release von Sencha Touch 1.0.

Stefan Stölzle und Tim Riedel nahmen an der Konferenz teil. Unser Fazit: see you again next year!

Ext JS 4 wird unter anderem ein komplett überarbeitetes Charting-Package beinhalten:

"Most people have used Ext JS 3’s Flash-based charting package. You’ll probably know that it’s good at the basics but is really hard to customize. For Ext JS 4.0 we’ve created a brand new charting package that is powered purely by JavaScript. We’ve united the phenomenal talents of Dmitry Baranovskiy (Raphaël JS) and Nicolas Belmonte (InfoVis) along with our very own Jamie Avins to create the most powerful JavaScript charting library we’ve ever seen. The new charting package works on every browser we support (including IE6) and is fully integrated with the rest of the framework. We’ll be sharing a lot more detail about charting in the weeks to come; we’ve very excited about the new capabilities this offers all of our developers." (Quelle: Sencha Website)

​Sencha Touch - The fastest way to build cross-platform web apps for mobile devices

Sencha Touch wurde auf der Konferenz offiziell in der Version 1.0 released:

"Sencha Touch gives mobile application developers easy access to the family of powerful HTML5 technologies, including geolocation, localStorage and CSS3, supported by today’s most popular mobile devices. Built on the proven foundation of Ext JS, JavaScript technology that is already in use by more than 1 million developers worldwide, Sencha Touch enables developers to build web apps that deliver user experiences comparable to native applications." (Quelle: Sencha Website)