Sencha Workshop in München - join our Ex(t)perts!

Am 06. März 2014 findet in München ein ganztägiger, kostenfreier Sencha-Workshop statt. Folgende Sessions sind geplant:  

Visually Designing and Developing Apps for a Multi Device World (Sencha) 
This will consist of a brief introduction to Sencha products followed by a technical demo showcasing how their solution can be used to develop fully functional apps that run on desktop, tablet and mobile devices using their visual development tool, Sencha Architect. 

Performance Oriented Cross-Platform Development on Intel Based Devices (Intel) 

Building User Interfaces for a Great User Experience (eyeworkers) 
This session covers the do's and dont's of a good user interface and shows what it takes to deliver a great user experience. 

Securely Deploying and Managing Access to Mobile Apps (Sencha) 
Sencha's new management platform, Sencha Space, provides the ideal route to deploy and manage secure business applications that run across multiple devices. Learn more about Sencha Space, and how it can be used for deploying and managing access to mobile web apps. 

Integrating Socket.IO and Sencha Ext JS (eyeworkers)
This session introduces the usage of node.js and Socket.IO and shows how to use them for enabling server-to-client communication in an MVC driven Ext JS application.

Wir laden herzlich ein! Zur Anmeldung geht es  hier .